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How to install residential mailbox

We provide mailbox installation services in Atlanta greater area for all online orders, however anyone can easily install a mailbox by following the simple instructions.

residential mailbox
Typical residential mailbox in Atlanta Greater area.

Tools & Supplies Required

  • A Shovel
  • Post Hole Digger (easily available at any hardware store)
  • Water
  • 80lb Bag of quality concrete
  • Measuring Device
  • Tarp / Old Ground Sheet
  • Level

Mailbox installation instruction

  1. Remove the current mailbox. Start by trying to loosen its base by working the mailbox from side to side, then back and forth to remove the dirt around the post. Depending on the conditions and amount of concrete used during the previous installation, you may need to dig around the mailbox with a pick or a shovel to loosen its hold. Pull the mailbox out of the dig and keep it aside. Now you’re ready to start digging a hole for the new mailbox.
  2. Decide on a location for your new mailbox. Mostly homeowners like to install the new mailbox in exact same place as the old one. But a smarter choice would be to move the mailbox to the side by about 12 to 18 inches which would make digging the new hole much easier as you would then avoid the existing concrete from the previous mailbox. Postal regulations have standardized that the front of the mailbox be approximately at a distance of 6 to 9 inches from the sidewalk /street.
  3. Calculate the required depth of the hole for your new mailbox by measuring the amount of post to be buried. Post installation the height of your mailbox should be 39 and 45 inches from the street till the bottom end of the mailbox to comply with postal regulations.
  4. Start digging a hole for your new mailbox with post hole diggers or augers. We recommend placing a tarp or sheet on the ground that can be used to collect dirt from your new hole. This will make cleaning easier. The diameter of the hole should be about 10-12 inches. Keep digging until you reach the correct depth determined via your calculations in step 3
  5. Once the new hole is completely dugout, insert the new mailbox post into this hole while ensuring that it is centered. Check the height of the mailbox is always between 39 and 45 inches from the street.
  6. Start by pouring dry concrete mix into the hole and distribute the same spread around the post. After pouring about 1 / 3 of the concrete mix in the hole apply the level to the post and adjust accordingly so that it remains leveled in all directions. Insert a stick to poke around to ensure no air pockets remain. Spread another one third of the whole mixture to this and repeat the previous procedures and poke at the end. At present, apply a small amount of water in a hole in the concrete (nearly 5 cups). Cement will possibly absorb the moisture in the ground and completely cure, but add a bit of water to help speed up this process. Spread the concrete until the concrete is about 5 inches below ground level. Repeat the same steps mentioned above and add another 5 cups of water to the concrete in place and leave to soak into the concrete mix.
  7. Cover the hole and bring it up to ground level utilizing the dirt removed from digging the hole in the first place. The concrete will take about an hour to start setting and will completely cure in a few days time.